The is an accomodation market place, a provider of Special offers and Last Minute Offers for all Accommodation suppliers and Travel agencies from around the world in order to fill the empty rooms, and increase sales and their brand idendity through advertising of their properties that provide a unique experience at the best price in the world.

So, the user is able to find a great availability, a unique collection of all Accommodation Offers around the world that is interested for, firstly contact the hotel to check the availability and making a pre-reservation,  and then directly and safely to complete the purchase of Stay Offer Coupon in to Stay-Offers. com, saving by that way a significant amount of money to travel the world and have a nice experience.

What We do.

  1. a) Exclusive and quick Promotion for Coupons of Special Offers and Last Minute Offers of all hotel properties worldwide.
  2. b) Targeted Advertising-Sales Channel for all Accommodation Suppliers worldwide.

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It is our is a member of Hotel Availabilities Ltd Hotel Promotion Partners.